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Inspired by Nehemiah’s call to Israel to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, we are calling the Church of America to stand for life and protect our children through prayer and adoption. Just as the families who built the wall around Jerusalem, we are beckoning families to stand in the gap of intercession for the ending of abortion with one hand and choose to say “yes” to God’s heart for adoption with the other.

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By signing up you will be connected to several ministries serving to build a culture of life in America. You will receive practicals on how to pray for the ending of abortion and for adoption, how to trumpet the message of adoption and call your church to be a part of this movement and how to adopt and support families who are adopting. We believe firmly that each person plays a role in this adoption movement even if they aren’t called directly to adopt. Also, by signing up you will get to hear testimonies and practical advice from families and singles who have adopted.

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