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Danielle Helmer

Founder of The Wall Movement

Danielle’s mission is to see 3200 churches step into God’s redemptive storyline and rise up as abolitionists to see abortion end through prayer and adoption. Over the past 12 years, Danielle led several prayer meetings for the ending of abortion, studied the adoption process, and served adoptive families in her local community.

Danielle graduated from Michigan State University in 2009 and has been involved with empowering several college ministries, organizing regional prayer gatherings, and planting houses of prayer across the nation. Danielle also has experience in missions and began an international project in Ethiopia. These ministry opportunities have led Danielle to establish The Wall Movement; a network of ministries empowering churches to pray and adopt.

During Danielle’s college career, she attended The Call in Washington D.C. (a day of fasting and prayer for revival in America) and was gripped with God’s heart for the ending of abortion and the beginning of an adoption movement. Following The Call, Danielle began having countless dreams regarding this topic. She responded and stepped into the Lord’s invitation to full-time intercession and ministry in 2009.

Danielle is a mouthpiece for this generation and carries the burden of the Lord for the Church of America to walk in pure religion (James 1:27). She is convinced that that every believer is called to be part of the adoption movement whether through prayer, adopting a child, giving financially, or serving an adoptive family. Danielle’s message is an invitation into the Lord’s heart, to feel how He feels for the unborn. She is filled with faith that abortion truly can end in our generation.

Matthew and Janna Berry

Founders of Adopt The Revolution

In 2017 the Lord spoke to Janna and said, “ If every church in America raised the funds for one of their members to adopt, there would be no more orphans.” Over the course of the next few years the Lord led Matt and Janna on a journey that clarified His point as a response to Roe v. Wade being overturned. They firmly believe America is at the doorstep of that pivotal point in history. When abortion legally ends, our nation will have to answer a distress call. Currently there is not a government agency or foster system that can handle the enormous influx of children to come. But there is an alarmingly clear answer to this need. The Lord gives the responsibility for the fatherless to the church. Will it answer the call? Will it accept the responsibility for the brokenness of its nation? Adopt The Revolution seeks to assist churches in implementing adoption and financial strategies to create a safety net for all the babies that would have been aborted.

Denny and Mindy Thybault

Founders of The Moral Outcry

Denn and Mindy Tebo are the founders of The Moral Outcry. A petition to the Supreme Court for the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Casey v. Planned Parenthood.

Mindy received strategy from the Lord for a petition to the Supreme Court for the ending of abortion much like Wilberforce and his petition to end the slave trade. Her hope is with over a million signatures it will serve as a symbol of a massive moral outcry. Declaring that the people do not accept the compromise that leads to the death of millions of innocent babies and that it will awaken the nation’s conscience to the abolition of abortion in America.

Denn and Mindy Tebo have dedicated their lives to awaken the Church to the plight of the unborn. The most vulnerable fatherless are within the womb today. Together they share the LIFE message by equipping the Church with the origins of abortion and the spirit of adoption. Their heart burns for Mal 4:5-6

Denn and Mindy are the Directors of LIFE Initiatives at IHOPKC. They speak publicly on the origins of abortion and the Spirit of adoption. They lead the Bound4LIFE-KC chapter. They have 6 children and 8 grandchildren.