“Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation.
God, end abortion and send revival to America.”

Why Pray

  • Prayer is talking to God but also listening to Him. As we encounter the heart of God, He shows us how He feels for the children and gives us the grace to walk out strategies from heaven. I encourage you to consider fasting once a week and ask Him to share His heart with you. For over 15 years The Call, Bound4life and believers all across the nation have prayed this prayer:

  • “Jesus I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send Revival to America.”

  • God is about to tip the bowls of prayer and send Revival to America. He has heard the cries of the saints and the unborn. Would you continue to press in and fill those bowls of prayer with us and believe for a shifting into an adoption movement in our nation?

  • Check out this article for more on why to pray

  • From this prayer that was birthed, also came a grassroots movement called Bound4life

  • They have been mobilizing prayer meetings outside abortion clinics and capitols all over America for over 15 years and seen hundreds of abortion clinics shut down, laws change to protect life, mothers choose life, and babies placed into loving homes. It is a not a protest, it is a prayer meeting. Read more on the link above as to how you can start a life siege in your city! If you are interested in starting a chapter, email

How to Pray

  • Start a prayer meeting in your community or church for one hour a week or bi-weekly

  • Pray the life prayer above from the pulpit at your church or whatever prayer you form with God and your community; once a week or bi-weekly.

  • Start a life siege by clicking here.

  • Pray daily on your own; 1 minute can save a life

What to Pray

  • For God to end abortion

  • For Families to adopt (laborers to be sent into the fields of the fatherless) Matt 9:38

  • For God to grip the heart of the church and let us feel what He feels for the unborn

  • God to strengthen families who have adopted already

  • Courage for mothers to choose life for their babies today

  • The fear of the Lord over our government and that they would align with His Government