As we pray out of Matthew 9:38, for the Lord of the harvest
to send laborers into the fields of the fatherless,
the Lord is challenging us; “Will we be the answer to our own prayer?”

How can I Support this Cause?

Just like the Great Commission, we all play a role in the adoption movement. If you are not in the place to adopt you can support the families in your community that are:

  • Financially- Give towards the cost of their adoption and help them fundraise, give them money to go on a date or give them a gift card for groceries

  • Physically- Bless them with yard work, babysitting, tutoring, mentoring their children

  • Emotionally/Spiritually- Pray for them, be a listening ear, connect them to other adoptive families to build support groups, give them encouraging words, spend time with them and their children.

If you are considering adopting, these are the first steps to take:

  • Pray and water the seed that God is placing in your heart. Talk to those you spiritually trust and invite them into the process.

  • Get your home study done by following this guide

  • Work with a consultant to connect you to several agencies –

  • Raise the Finances – Great Resource:

  • Make a quality 2 minute video

  • Announce at your church and home groups

  • Post on Instagram and Facebook

  • Send letters (at least 100) to friends and family

  • Host a dinner at your church